New Revolutionary Geo-Fencing And Bluetooth Beacon Technology Available Today!

Promote Your Products, Services Or Members With One Of The World’s Most Advanced
Mobile Advertising And Promotional Marketing Systems Available Today.


Introducing BoonYah™. A new and innovative way to reach your audience to promote your message via their mobile device. Using our one-of-a-kind technology, BoonYah™ provides a total solution for anyone who wants to create public awareness or promote their brand, members, locations, messages, services or products.

BoonYah™ combines cutting-edge mobile web design, push messaging, mobile coupon and voucher distribution, data base collection and storage, CRM management, promotional campaign management, integrated analytics and real-time metrics. As it functions across all platforms and operating systems, it allows you to communicate with your audience via mobile phones, iPads and tablets, it’s a total mobile solution.

BoonYah™ can also be delivered to your audience’s mobile device across multiple channels such as QR Codes, Text Messaging campaigns, Wi-Fi and Proximity Marketing Devices which will auto-detect mobile devices and deliver your promotional message directly to your audience.

Other mobile marketing and promotional systems struggle to measure up when it comes to providing an all-around solution, but with a long list of advanced features that’s never been available before, you can easily see why BoonYah™ is quickly becoming the top choice for anyone who wants to reach, engage and communicate with their audience. So contact us today and find out how you can benefit from BoonYah™.

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New Geo-Fencing And Beacon Technology

Learn about BoonYah™, a new and innovative way to reach, engage and communicate with your audience via their mobile device using one-of-a-kind technology.


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Discover the best way to contact on-the-go consumers and how to easily attract them by delivering your promotional messages directly to their mobile device.


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Uncover all the benefits of starting your own successful proximity marketing business using the latest in geo-fencing and the new Bluetooth beacon technology.


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We work with Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and all major mobile manufacturers.
Capture leads effortlessly as your audience downloads and registers to use the system. Your audience expects a mobile enabled website when viewed from a mobile device. Recent studies indicate that over 70% of mobile users will leave your site if it isn't mobile friendly. Allow us to design a mobile website that meets your needs and vision. Satisfy your vision and craft a mobile promotion strategy that engages your audience and delivers your promotional message. Incorporated customer loyalty measurement allows you to distinguish your most loyal and ideal customers. Innovative design and intuitive navigation facilitates accelerated audience involvement to boost usage and facilitate delivery of your promotional message. Share your message with your audience's network via E-mail and social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter to expand your promotional message's reach. Network your existing external site or incorporate mobile advertising to drive additional traffic to your listing and promotions. Promotion platform and scheduler allows you to plan, configure, schedule and launch campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than hours, days or weeks. Measure, manage and tune campaigns from a single online desktop and mobile dashboard interface. Promote across an unlimited number of ideal locations for maximum exposure and audience participation. Collaborate with your audience to boost your promotional message's effectiveness via SMS text messaging and E-mail platforms. Consolidated shopping cart and commission tracking and reporting interface delivers a streamlined m-commerce solution to increase productivity. Gauge response rates through measurable statistics and dynamically adjust promotional messaging to generate a better response and ROI. Complete mobile integration and device independent platform that works on all mobile phones, iPads, tablets, PDAs, Laptops and PCs. Cloud-based solution allows infinite expandability to prevent limitation of your potential. Auto-detects mobile devices and delivers your message directly to your audience's mobile device bypassing the app store. Receive unparalleled insights with actionable analytics and customizable reporting. Dynamic reports show usage details and allows tracking and measuring of all important KPIs. Easily identify your best converting audience segments and analyze their behavior. No configuration required. Compatible with all proximity marketing devices and equipment. Associations, Churches, Chamber Of Commerce, Colleges & Universities, Foundations & Charities Concerts, Parades, Sporting Events, Racetracks, Fairs & Festivals Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Airports, Visitor Bureaus Real Estate, Healthcare, Service & Repair, Legal Services, Banking & Finance Zoos, Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, Performing Arts, Points Of Interest Libraries, Schools, Civic Organizations, Government Agencies, Parks & Recreation Conferences, Meetings, Exhibit Halls, Trade Shows, Exposition Centers Merchants & Retailers, Malls & Shopping Centers, Chains & Franchises, Grocery & Supermarkets, Restaurants & Bars Let us help you make contact with your target audience while in the proximity of your locations through a wide variety of mobile deliver channels including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SMS text messaging, QR Codes and Mobile Web Browsers. Your audience expects a mobile enabled website when viewed from a mobile device. Recent studies indicate that over 70% of mobile users will leave your site if it isn't mobile friendly. Allow us to design a mobile website that meets your needs and vision. Don't settle for mediocre results when we can gather statistical data, analyze results and tweak your promotional campaigns for optimum results. Our traffic building experts will help you generate more mobile visitors from additional mobile advertising platforms such as banner ads and other popular mobile traffic generating methods. Quick response codes are extremely popular with the mobile audience, yet companies fail to take advantage of this trend to contact and engage their mobile audience. We'll develop QR Code Campaigns to help you fulfill your marketing needs. Tracking your mobile sales and calculating commissions can be challenging.  We can solve this dilemma with our integrated m-commerce tracking and reporting. The low cost and great results make mobile advertising an extremely effective marketing tool if managed properly. Let our mobile advertising experts manage your campaign for you. As mobile websites continue to grow in popularity, search engine optimization will play a larger role in a company's success. Our mobile SEO personnel will position you near the top of the mobile search results. Using statistical algorithms, we'll help you uncover your most loyal prospects and track what promotions deliver the best results to this particular segment of your audience. Let us help you improve your overall marketing results by identifying and segmenting your audience to discover your most ideal prospect. 97% of SMS text messages are opened within the first five minutes making SMS a highly effective and cost efficient way to engage your audience and cause them to take immediate action. Let our team manage your SMS campaigns for you. To grow your business you must promote it, yet most companies are too busy with the day-to-day operations to properly plan and create effective promotional campaigns. Our marketing staff can improve results and improve your ROI.